3 Advantages Of Hiring Food Trucks To Serve At Your Outdoor Wedding

16 June 2017
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From picking the flowers to finding the perfect venue, planning an outdoor wedding and reception can be a huge undertaking, but there is one daunting process that can be even more overwhelming than most brides and grooms expect; choosing the food. While most people will go the traditional route of paying a caterer and carefully selecting the menu, there is another option that seems to work perfectly well at an outdoor nuptial event and that is food trucks. These mobile eateries may typically spend their time zipping from location to location across different cities and places, but most are also available for private events. Check out the three primary advantages you will get by choosing a food truck for your wedding event. 

Food trucks naturally work well in an outdoor environment. 

Not all caterers are setup to handle an outdoor wedding without a lot of extra investment on your part. On the contrary, food trucks for events are always serving people outdoors, so they are familiar with the techniques and already have the mobile food prep items they need to make meals happen in an outdoor location. Because of this, hiring a food truck to cater to your outdoor event can actually be a way to save yourself  little money on the overall costs. 

Food truck types vary from fine dining to conservative. 

It doesn't matter if you want barbecue style foods at your wedding, fine cuisine, or pizza, you can probably find a food truck that can give you the type of foods that you want served at your wedding. You can even choose to do a collaboration of food truck types. For example, you could hire both a pizza food truck and an ice cream truck and have both dinner and dessert available for your guests or you could hire a taco food truck and a fresh garden salad truck to cater to both vegans and meat-eaters at your event. 

Food trucks make it possible for guests to eat when they are ready. 

At most wedding receptions, there is a usual layout of how things happen, including what time food is served, which can get in the way of guests having the freedom to eat when they are ready. With food trucks on site at your wedding, guests can walk up and get their food in their own time, so if they want to mingle for a bit before they eat or eat first and mingle later, they have that freedom.