Prepare For A Social Function In Which You Will Be Selling Baked Goods

21 December 2017
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If you sell organic bread and pastries and bake items at home prior to selling them at local flea markets, festivals, and other public venues, you realize the importance of making products that have a uniform appearance and that are fresh so that individuals will be likely to purchase your wares and be impressed by the quality of each product. Use the options below to prepare for an upcoming event in which you will be selling baked goods.

Take The Details Of An Event Into Consideration

Do some research concerning the event that you will be attending. For instance, in the past has this particular event drawn a large crowd? What types of people are likely to stop by this social gathering and what other wares will be sold? Use these details to help you determine how many types of baked goods to prepare.

If the social function is a special celebration in honor of a specific person or organization, perhaps you can use unique cookie cutters or baking tins that are symbolic of the occasion and that will be likely to increase sales during the extravaganza. Write down a list of ingredients that you will need to make all of the baked goods and go shopping well in advance so that you can stock your kitchen with necessities before you begin the task of baking all of the products. 

Use A Baking And Cooling Rack For Each Batch

Use a stainless steel baking and cooling rack for each batch of baked goods that are being prepared. After mixing dough or batter, grease cookie sheets or loaf trays before adding dough or batter to the sheets and trays.

Do not place too many items on the baking and cooling rack because it could cause baked goods to cook unevenly. Use a timer to assist with keeping track of how long items have baked. After goods have baked, wait for them to cool before removing cookie sheets or loaf trays from the rack. Set the freshly baked items on a counter that is covered with plastic sheeting. 

Pack Goods In Clear Bags And Add Foil Ribbons And Homemade Labels

Purchase clear bags, a roll of foil ribbon, and blank labels. Place loaves of bread, cookies, danishes, and other baked items inside of the bags. Use strips of ribbon to secure the ends of the bags. Use a marker to write across the adhesive labels. Write the name of the product, basic ingredients that were used, and the cost. Refrigerate the baked goods prior to leaving for the social function.