The Benefits Of Using OEM And Non-OEM Parts When Repairing A Frymaster Fryer

10 December 2014
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If your Frymaster fryer is not working correctly, it may not need to be replaced. Replacing a part in the fryer, such as the ignitor, relay latch or motor can help get the machine working again. However, when it comes time to buy these replacement parts, you have a big decision to make. You have to decide whether to buy authentic original equipment manufacturer, or OEM, parts. Or you can decide to buy aftermarket parts. There are benefits to buying parts both ways. Learning about the benefits for both types of parts can help you decide which route to take when purchasing them.

The Benefits of Using Non-OEM Parts


The biggest downside to using original equipment manufacturer parts is the cost. OEM parts cost more than aftermarket parts. In fact, price is one of the main reasons why restaurant owners decide to purchase aftermarket parts. If your business is having a hard time making ends meet, or you don't have a lot of extra cash to use buying parts, aftermarket parts may be something that you will want to consider and look into.

Most Non-OEM Parts Come With a Warranty

The other advantage to buying non-OEM parts is that most of them come with a warranty. You may be worried that if you buy an aftermarket part, it will die quickly or won't work with your machine. If the part does not last as long as it should, or simply doesn't work out for you, you can often get a new or replacement part through the company that made the non-OEM part. This can help ease your mind that you are buying a part that will last at least as long as the warranty is for.

The Benefits of Using OEM Parts

It Will Fit and Work Correctly

One of the major benefits to using original equipment manufacturer parts is that you know the part will fit and work correctly. The manufacturer knows exactly what size, what voltage and what shape to make their parts, because they manufacture them for your original machine. Unfortunately, many companies that make aftermarket parts don't have the exact shape, size or voltage. They often take the machines and parts apart to try to figure it out.

Unfortunately, this means that not every aftermarket part is going to fit or work correctly in your machine. This means that you may run across a part that doesn't quite fit correctly or that doesn't work as it should in your machine.

If you want to ensure the part you are buying works, so you can get your fryer back up and running faster, using OEM frymaster parts helps ensure that that is what happens.

You Won't Void Your Warranty

The other advantage to purchasing original equipment manufacturer parts for your Frymaster fryer is that you don't have to worry about voiding your warranty.

If your Frymaster fryer is still under warranty, installing non-OEM parts will void the entire warranty. This means that if anything goes wrong, even if it isn't related to the part you replaced, the manufacturer will not be required to fix or replace your fryer. If your machine is no longer under warranty, this may not be something you are concerned with. But if your machine is under warranty, it is something to keep in mind as you decide whether to use OEM or non-OEM parts.

Deciding whether to buy non-OEM or OEM parts is a big decision. But, learning the benefits of buying aftermarket or original equipment manufacturer parts will help you make an informed decision as to which type of part makes the most sense for your business.